Abu Khaliq

Abu Khaliq

ABU KHALIQ Niaga Sdn Bhd

Establish in 2009, Abu Khaliq (previously known as Tupei Hookah)  is among the pioneer company that custom and support the Shisha charcoal in Malaysia. During these years, a lot of marketing and distribution strategies had improved in the local market which make the shisha industries more competitive and grow rapidly. 

We had setup a team to survey the needs and end user taste like, then we combine with various quality materials in order to accomplish the mission of having the best Shisha Molasses. We try to implement shisha as culture and a sustainable lifestyle. We will continue to grow and achieve to be well-known brand in Asian and Global.

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Abu Khaliq Mild Mint 500g

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Abu Khaliq Ribena 500g

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Abu Khaliq Sarsi 500g

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