Egyptian Hookahs

Egyptian Hookahs

Our line of classic Egyptian hookahs are made by hand in Egypt exclusively for tokeishisha.com. We have single hose and multi-hose hookahs available with a variety of base designs and colors available. In addition to being customizable and high quality, our hookahs are lower priced than other similar brands. We dare you to find an authentic multi-hose Egyptian hookah of this quality anywhere else for less than RM400

For instructions on how to set up your Egyptian Hookah, please see our Egyptian Hookah Instruction Sheet.

Hookah ARMY
Hookah EH125L1
Hookah EH130BS
Hookah EH130L1
Hookah EH130L2
Hookah EH130S
Hookah EH140S
Hookah EH145S
Hookah EH150BS
Hookah EH150C
Hookah EH150G
Hookah EH150S
Hookah EH150TC
Hookah EH160GS
Hookah EH165BS
Hookah EH170TC
Hookah EH190GH
Hookah EH190GT
Hookah Gold Short
Hookah HKBGM130
Hookah HKBGM150
Hookah HKBGM170
Hookah HMBB
Hookah HMBL
Hookah HMNO
Hookah HPPC
Hookah HUHC
Hookah HWYB
Hookah Rambu Ramba
Hookah SMLR
Hookah TS-01-001
Hookah TS-01-002
Hookah TS-01-005
Hookah TS-01-006
Hookah TS-01-009
Hookah TS-01-013
Hookah TS-01-014
Hookah TS-01-015
Hookah TS-01-025
Hookah TS-01-027
Shisha 5

Shisha 5

Availability: Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock
Shisha Set 15
Shisha Set 16
Shisha Set 17
Shisha Set 18
Shisha Set 19

Shisha Set 19

Availability: Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock
Shisha Set 8
Shisha Set 9
Super hookah 165
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