Browse our amazing selection of hookah pipes! We have great deals with a quality selection of hookahs to smoke from the highest quality brands, such as Khalil Mamoon, Nammor, Mya Saray, Starbuzz and Regal. Hookah-Shisha also has a wide variety of all glass hookahs from ROI, Round Glass and Lavoo. Recently we've picked up a selection of hookahs from our friends overseas with Art Hookah, Dschinni, and Wookah. We make sure you are up and smoking right away with every hookah pipe purchase! We stand by the quality of all of our hookahs and are committed to helping you find the best hookah for your needs.

If you need help setting up your hookah or would like more information on the components of our hookah selection, please see our Hookah Set-up and Troubleshooting Guide.

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Akua Hookah
Amy Hookah King

Amy Hookah King

Availability: Out Of Stock
Bouble Hookah

Bouble Hookah

Availability: Out Of Stock
Gold Hookah

Gold Hookah

Availability: Out Of Stock
Hookah AK47

Hookah AK47

Availability: Out Of Stock
Hookah ARMY
Hookah Blue Dot
Hookah Chorome 1
Hookah Chorome 2
Hookah Chorome 3
Hookah Chorome 4
Hookah Chorome 5
Hookah EH125L1
Hookah EH130BS
Hookah EH130L1
Hookah EH130L2
Hookah EH130S
Hookah EH140S
Hookah EH145S
Hookah EH150BS
Hookah EH150C
Hookah EH150G
Hookah EH150S
Hookah EH150TC
Hookah EH160GS
Hookah EH165BS
Hookah EH170TC
Hookah EH190GH
Hookah EH190GT
Hookah GBRT
Hookah GRBH
Hookah GRBT2
Hookah HKBGM130
Hookah HKBGM150
Hookah HKBGM170
Hookah HMBB
Hookah HMBL
Hookah HMNO
Hookah HPPC
Hookah HRBC
Hookah HUHC
Hookah HWYB
Hookah HYBC
Hookah Pinkpanther
Hookah Set 20
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