ELIYAN (SteamStone)

Using shisha stones is only slightly different to using t0bacc0 in a hookah. For phunnel and vortex ceramics, you should put the appropriate quantity of stone on the ceramic and then cover securely with two or three layers of tin foil. You should then puncture with small holes avoiding the space that is at least half an inch in diameter in the centre. With the vortex ceramic, if you want to save some of the stones for later use, then you need to line the bottom of the ceramic with tin foil. Use a mid to deep phunnle bowl. Use three coals and you are good to go. Steam stones are really easy to smoke. They dont have any t0bacc0 so you cant really burn them. Make sure you shake the container to get juices mixed. happy smoking Note: Steam stone eliyan shisha flavor are free from t0bacc0 √√√√√. Stones are reusable ,all you have to do after smoking is to clean the stone properly make it dry and put it into the bottle with shisha flavor shake it very well and there you go!!!Your steam shisha stone are ready to use again!!

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